Why Isn’t There an Official College Football Championship?

Why isn’t there an official College Football Championship? The idea of an official college football championship didn’t take flight until the 1920s. During the “championship rush” of the 1920s, several math selectors were created, including those that use a statistical formula. The polling system has dominated the selection of college football national champions since 1936. From 1922 to 1996, it was combined with USA Today, but since 2014, the National Football Foundation has partnered with the Football Writers Association of America to conduct the polling.

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There are several reasons why an expanded CFP is not in the best interests of the sport. While a snoozer Friday isn’t a good reason to expand the CFP, the lack of a clear-minded official cannot let the sport wheeze. The leagues with the most talent need to fight against expansion and remain at eight teams. In addition, Southern California’s participation in the 2004 championship was cancelled by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

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The NCAA has lost the opportunity to superimpose its own college football championship at the FBS level. With the top subdivision firmly in the hands of the conferences and schools, it is happy to use multiple selection systems. By doing so, it can scupper the playoff system devised by the top teams. This makes it hard to select the national champion. A true championship system would have at least two finalists, which is an objective way to decide a champion.

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