Why is the Solar System Unique?

The Solar System is different from other planetary systems in many ways. Not only do its eight planets contain rocky planets, but it also contains gas giants, icy worlds, and a variety of other objects. Each of these planets has its own unique characteristics, suggesting that the history of each star system is also different. The Solar System is one of the only star systems in the universe to have such a diverse set of planets.

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As our Sun grew, it accelerated the process of planet formation. Giant planets, like Jupiter, formed around rocky cores, much like Earth. They grew big enough to be shaped into planets, but some didn’t. Those leftover bits were eventually shaped into planetesimals and protoplanets. After ten to 100 million years, only eight spherical planets remained.

Planets like Venus and Mars have a lot of water, but scientists don’t believe these planets have oceans today. Although scientists have found evidence of water ice on these worlds, they haven’t been able to identify liquid water. Water is also linked to the Earth’s plate tectonics, which shaped mountain ranges and ocean depths. Despite the differences in planets, scientists believe life may have begun on the ice-covered planets.

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The rocky planets are protected by outer planets, such as Jupiter. Jupiter spared Earth from collisions with small objects in the early solar system, where it could have stripped away its atmosphere. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter ensured the Earth’s survival. The two planets deflect comets and asteroids. But what happens when the sun burns out? That’s where planets such as Mars and Venus come into play.

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