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Amy Adams is one of American Cinema’s finest actresses, who is known for her roles in many comical and dramatic movies. Her amazing movies and high-end pay for her roles in movies got her featured as the world’s highest-paid actress around 3 times. She also received awards like the Golden Globe Awards and several nominations for her work.

Amy began her career as a dancer in 1994 and continued to work in the same field until 1998. However, in the year 1999, she got her debut in a dark comedy as a supporting role in Drop Dead Gorgeous. She got her first major breakthrough against Leonardo Dicaprio in Catch Me If You Can and Junebug which got her a nomination for her first Academy Award.

Apart from that, she played some major roles in movies like Enchanted (2007), The Master (2012), Vice (2018), and the iconic role of Lois Lane for many superhero movies in DC Universe and many others.

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American Hustle

Cast: Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Shea Whigham, Bradley Cooper, Colleen Camp, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, Louis C.K., Jack Huston, Alessandro Nivola, Adrian Martinez, Michael Peña, Saïd Taghmaoui, Elisabeth Röhm, Paul Herman, Anthony Zerbe, Thomas Matthews, and others.

The movie is set in the year 1978 when a con artist named Rosenfeld, along with his partner Sydney Prosser starts a relationship and works together. They improve their fraudulent activities by posing as Lady Edith Greensly. Irving loves Sydney but is hesitant to leave his unstable wife, as he feared that he might not be able to see his son, Danny.

Also, she threatened Rosalyn that she would inform the police about his hustles and scams. The movie has a mind-blowing cast of almost all major Hollywood stars in a single movie. The movie has an amazing plot where Irving uses his skills to make money and use his mind to create a scam with Mayor Carmine Polito of New Jersey.

The movie ends with Carmine getting persecuted along with The Congressmen. They get a sentence of 18 months behind bars. Irving and Sydney move in, live together in an open relationship, and open their art gallery. Rosalyn lives with a mobster named Pete and shares her son’s custody with Irving moviesverse.

IMDb Rating: 7.2


Cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Andrew Shaver, Forest Whitaker, Mark O’Brien, Lucas Chartier-Dessert, Michael Stuhlbarg, Abigail Pniowsky, Tzi Ma, Frank Schorpion, Julia Scarlett Dan, Jadyn Malone, Christian Jadah, Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld, Mark Camacho, Pat Kiely, Sonia Vigneault, and others.

A linguist named Louise Banks had a daughter named Hannah who died at the age of twelve because of an incurable sickness and disease. Meanwhile, 12 extraterrestrial spacecraft hover around and land in different locations around the world. Nations who get affected by the situation send different military and scientific experts to have a look at the situation, monitor it, and look for a solution.

A physicist Ian Donnelly and Banks are recruited for the cause and get to know more about the craft present in Montana. After contacting the Aliens onboard known as ‘Heptapods’, Banks and Donnelly try to study and do their research on the complex language of the aliens. This was more like palindromic phrases written with circular symbols. They share their findings with other nations of the world.

Moving further with her research, she gets visions of her daughter. They further find out that the symbols meant “tool” where everyone was thinking it means “Weapons”. The movie highlights many complications in the situation until things get resolved between humans and the Heptapods and the aliens depart from earth.

IMDb Rating: 7.9


Cast: Amy Adams, Julie Andrews, Susan Sarandon, Timothy Spall, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, James Marsden, Rachel Covey, Emma Rose Lima, Jeff Bennett, William Huntley, Courtney Williams, Kevin Lima, Elizabeth Mathis, Samantha Ivers, and others.

This is one of the most-watched animated movies that is set in the fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia. The place was ruled by Narissa who was a corrupt and ruthless queen and a dark sorceress. She wanted to secure her position on the throne. The only problem was her stepson who can take her place if he grows up, and marries someone.

She directs her royal servant to keep him distracted and make him hunt trolls. Meanwhile, a young lady named Giselle dreams of meeting a prince one day and get a happy life with him. Her friends include a chipmunk named Pip and different animals of the forest with whom she makes a statue of her true lover.

One day, Edward hears Giselle singing and sets off to find her while Nathaniel frees a captured troll to get rid of Giselle. She gets rescued by Edward. Just when both of them were about to get married, Narissa pushes Giselle into a well and she magically lands in New York. Here she meets Robert who is a lawyer and a single parent and both of them have their adventures. They both end up marrying each other and live a happy life in New York.

IMDb Rating: 7.1


In the end, one can say that Amy Adams’ acting in different movies make her a profound actress. She has won around 37 Awards and has around 136 Nominations in her career. In the year 2020, she teamed up with fellow actress Jennifer Garner to launch the campaign termed #SaveWithStories and promote education for children when the schools were closed because of the pandemic.

She is also an ambassador of The RightWay Foundation which provides mental health and employment assistance to former foster youth. She recently celebrated her 48th birthday.

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