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New Names For Alexa

The recent controversy over the Amazon voice assistant’s name has led many Alexa users to switch their names. After years of interruptions and jokes at their expense, many people have started using new nicknames or middle names, such as Alexa. Some employers have even told their employees to not use their actual name when speaking to Alexa. Others have assigned Alexas new names in an effort to avoid confusion. A Washington Post survey found that more than 10 percent of Alexa users use their middle names.

The team behind Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, had considered other names for the new device, including Lucy and Sam from the television series “Bewitched.” Other names considered were Finch from Jeff VanderMeer’s novel “Catcher in the Rye” and Friday from the Robinson Crusoe novels. In the end, the executives settled on Alexa, a name that evokes the name of the Alexandria library in Egypt.

Fans of Dr. Seuss will love this name for their new assistant. They can use it to name Alexa lights, smart plugs, and more. Another good idea is to give your device a nickname that represents a character from a movie or book. For instance, if your smart plugs are Alexa-enabled, you can call them Better Half. Another good idea is to give Alexa a fun nickname, like “Burning Up,” which would be perfect for a device that talks a lot. Another fun name is “One,” which makes Alexa an opportune choice for a StarWars-themed smart plug duysnews .

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