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In What Countries Does Alexa Work?

You may have wondered in what countries does Alexa work, because it is officially supported in the US, but how do you use Alexa in other countries? First of all, you will need a different Echo Dot or Echo Plus to access Alexa. You can also use an international version of the Echo to speak the language of your choice. In some countries, such as China, Alexa cannot speak Chinese, but you can get by with the English version of the app factnewsph

In order to use Alexa in different countries, you will first need an Echo device with an Internet connection and Wi-Fi. Although the device can also access Google services, there may be some limitations to using Alexa. Until recently, the Echo device was only supported in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany, but now you can use it in other countries as well. Just be sure to check the compatibility list to make sure it works in your country.

Amazon has recently expanded its Alexa Voice Service to Switzerland and Belgium. Now, certified manufacturers are able to build Alexa-enabled devices with more features and localized data access. In Belgium and Switzerland, you can use Alexa as a virtual assistant with various home devices, such as smart speakers and digital assistants. This is good news for everyone who owns a smart speaker or has a smart home partyguise

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