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Fujitsu Ltd Japan

Fujitsu Ltd. is a Japanese electronics and information technology company with more than 500 subsidiaries around the world. The company is headquartered in Tokyo. The company broke off from the Fuji Electric Company in 1935, which was founded by Siemens and the Furukawa Mining Co. The name of the company is derived from three Japanese kanji characters, tsushinki, meaning “fruitful.” While it has not been able to compete with other multinational companies in the technology sector, its technology continues to grow.

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The company began focusing on internet, software, and services in the 1990s. The move was made to counteract the effects of World War II, which wiped out 1.1 million telephone connections in Japan. But the U.S. invasion reorganized the Ministry of Communications, and it would have adopted U.S. technology to rebuild the telephone system. A coalition led by Eisaku Sato convinced the government to form a new public utility instead. NTT was founded in 1952 and became a leading sponsor of advanced electronic research. In addition, Fujitsu continued to serve as a customer, despite the company’s difficulties.

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The company has announced plans to reduce its production of DRAMs, a type of memory chip used in personal computers, and to focus on other areas of technology, such as cloud computing and software. The decision will lead to a restructuring of the company’s business strategy and a reduction of its workforce. In addition, Fujitsu has partnered with United States-based Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to produce flash memory, which is used in cellular phones and computer-network devices. Those changes will increase its market share of the semiconductors sector, which is expected to grow by a third in the coming years.

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